Our Mission

Endangered Species Revenge makes people laugh while teaching them about animal biology and behavior! We partner with leading conservation scientists to raise money for urgent projects that protect endangered animals and help local people economically. Our scientists lead small to medium-sized grassroots non-profits, which spend nearly all their money on fieldwork, with little overhead. This ensures your donations are working efficiently. A Board of scientific advisors vets each project.

Our Founder

Peter Gottesman received his BA in History from Columbia University, and his MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Babson College. He has studied wildlife management in Kenya, and tropical forest ecology in Costa Rica. He sold the advertising company he co-founded, BrandAid Marketing Corporation (Nasdaq BAMK), where he headed youth marketing. Peter felt strongly that bringing humor to wildlife conservation would attract millions of people to join the fight to save animals.

Sensing the urgency to protect endangered animals, Peter removed a portion of his collection of rare ancient Egyptian animal-god sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to fund ESR.
Each work is made of semi-precious stone or gold (see below).

Green Stone
Falcon-Headed Crocodile
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Carnelian Lion-Headed Tawret
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Gold Sakhmet
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Amethyst Tawret
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