Meet the Animals

Picasso the Painted Dog: The sneakiest of ESR’s characters! He’s so furious painted dogs have become endangered – he’s always a second away from smacking someone!


Cleopatra the Cheetah (aka Cleo): The most ferocious of ESR’s characters! She may not be tricky…but her blind rage at the decline of cheetah populations has made her kooky…& dangerous!


Olivia from Bolivia, The Pink Dolphin: Being pink helps her look cute – yet don’t be fooled by her smile! She cleverly hides her anger, and uses her intelligence to plot revenge against anyone who harms her friends & family.

Meet the Humans

Anita: The brilliant environmental scientist whose cutting-edge experiments to suck carbon from the atmosphere led to a catastrophic lab explosion…which transformed her into Carbonita! The sinister villain (isn’t that the best kind?) with the power to shoot carbon from her fingers – who uses her evil genius to spew as much carbon into the air as possible! Although she turns back into Anita…heat always threatens to transform her into Carbonita!  


Smyke: Smyke is not smart. But, he’s not such a bad guy. He just doesn’t know anything about animals. When he learns lessons about animals…he becomes Smart Smyke! It’s ESR’s job to “Make Smyke Smart!” TM