Current Projects

African Painted Dog Project

African poachers hide deadly snares to catch antelope, but these snares are killing the last 4,500 painted dogs – who have one of Earth’s most incredible social systems. Now, Dr. Greg Rasmussen has designed a cutting edge collar to save these beautiful dogs.

Cheetah Project

90% of the world’s cheetahs have vanished in the last 100 years, but Dr. Laurie Marker has devised a way for dogs to protect them!

Coral Climate Change Project

75% of the world’s coral reefs are already dead or damaged due to climate change. Dr. Ruth Gates is racing against time to discover “super corals” which will regenerate the world’s coral reefs.

Pink Dolphin Rescue

More pink river dolphins across Bolivia are becoming stranded and are dying each year due to shallower river levels. Dr. Enzo Aliaga Rossel urgently needs our help to create an emergency rescue fund to save these unique freshwater dolphins.